The Florida Project

For me and Ryan’s project, we decided to create a storyboard which showcased “The Florida Project.” This movie was directed by Sean Baker, a director known primarily for creating movies that are drama or comedy titled. This movie was titled as a drama and so we decided that it’d be interesting to convert it to a western movie. The movie would include features that typical westerns like those created by Sergio Leone included. Through research, we found out that Sergio Leone likes to include lots of long shots and high angle shots in his films of the scenery in the Wild West, along with close up shots of character to build suspense during character conflict. Western movies also tend to include black and white imagery, rattling and loud music and lots of emphasis on treasure and violence. The scene we decided to storyboard is one that depicts the brutality and violence that occurs in Western films. This violence is something that is idolized and something people look for when watching films like these. 

In the Florida Project lot’s of tensions rose between characters like Hayley and Bobby, Jancey’s grandmother and Moonie but one of the most intense beings between Hayley and Ashley. Throughout the movie, Hayley and Ashley were portrayed to be best friends along with their kids, Moonie and Scooty. But soon the children’s mischief in a nearby neighborhood ruined the parents’ friendship. The kids started a fire in an abandoned condo which burned down the neighborhood’s projects and hell broke loose. Ashley felt as if Hayley’s child was endangering Scooty’s life and decided it’d be best that she cut off Moonie and Hayley altogether. In the scene that we converted, Ashley and Haley have a huge fight. 

We are going to start with the first scene on the storyboard. The scenery is inside the “saloon”, it is a long shot of the hallway on the floor in which Ashley lives. The next scene over is the start of their confrontation. Ashley is peeking out of her door and has come face to face with Hayley who has a cowboy hat and dirty skin: characteristics of some folks in Western movies. In this scene, Hayley is asking Ashley to spot her rent although they’re no longer friends. Obviously, Ashley says no and as the scene goes into an argument transpires about Hayley’s prostitution choices in her hotel room. Ashley starts screaming and going off on her and this leads us to our next scene on the storyboard. An extreme close up of Hayley happens and she has a very angry look on her face. Fumes around her are bright red and her face darkens in color. Her eyebrows furry as Ashley continues to bombard her with insults. An attack happens which brings us into the next scene. A wide shot of the fight is filmed by directors and Hayley sends 3 fearless blows to Ashley’s face. After the fight is over, the camera zooms out to film a high angle shot of the entire saloon. Silence falls and the scene is officially over. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.30.20 PM
Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.30.20 PM