The Freaks

Alex let go of everything that had once held him back and let his hands fly. Smack! In an instance one was down and his mind went racing. He couldn’t believe he had killed the um well he didn’t know what it was. His mind raced to find an answer it wasn’t a human not anymore; at some point it had pushed past the ability to be called human. It was now a, a… just then another body raced towards him anger and rage in its eyes. Alex squeak in the pure fear and confusion that had took hold of him. He yanked the ax free of the head of his last victim tears ran down its face as he swung it again. It was only 13 he had once called his neighbor, his friend, Tom. But it wasn’t Tom anymore now it was just another freak like all the other freaks he had seen since he had open his eyes this morning. He tried to tell himself that it wasn’t tom but every thing inside him burn with the desire to take back the blow that had stopped the boys charge. Alex was 14 the biggest worry he had before this was whether he’d pass algebra this quarter or not. He heard a screech from the house next store his heart raced as he glanced at the clock on the wall, 3:30. It was 3:30 eight hours ago his day had started with his mother standing in the door, not to say good morning but to rip his neck off. He knew that the house next store did not hold his family the people that he loved but a load of the freaks that had 4 ago had tried to end his life. Another scream shattered the thought.

            Alex ran outside and found the source of the screaming. Two girls were cornered by a load of the freaks. Everything inside of him told him to run to leave them and run for his own life. But the thought of this new world scared him more then the freaks on that lawn. Alex did not know what lay beyond this block. Whether there were more or if everyone else didn’t know what was happening. Either way he knew he couldn’t leave these girls these, people. Alex saw a boy running by, Mark Coleman a juniors at his school. “Mark stop!” Alex was able to pull the words from his gut. “Grab that bat! Help me.” Alex chocked as he took off in a sprint towards the girls. He had no way of knowing if the boy followed but he did know he would be able to take on the freaks alone. There were three of them once full grown men. As he grew near the junior joined his side looking almost as scared as Alex did.

            “What’s the plan kid?” Mark shocked Alex the human interaction seemed wrong to him after the day that had. The only people that had try to interact with him today try to bite his neck off. “Well I was, um.” Alex dug threw his mind for an answer. “Oh come on kid you have to have to plan you didn’t just call me over to die with you.” Pure panic now leaked from Mark but he nee lost his cool tone. “Yea, I do.” Alex stuttered, Marks words had sparked something in Alex’s brain an answer. Pictures of old video games Alex play ran threw his mind, it was crazy but it just might work. “Go to the right of the freaks ill take the left, you take the heads I’ll take the legs.” “Freaks? I like that, by the way kid what’s yours name, you know just in case it doesn’t’…” “Its Alex and it’ll work.” They swung Mark distracted them so they never saw Alex coming as he took out their legs. The boys took up their weapons and started bashing into the creature that lay on the ground. For a moment the boys were animals drool slid from Alex’s lip veins popped out of Mark’s head. For a moment the two boys had completely left their old sense of reality and entered the new world where they were united not just a freshman nobody and junior sports star that that walk the same hallways, but as teammates, survivors.

            The boys were snapped back by the sudden hugs they received by the girls shaken to the core by the terror of a day they have had. The four took up shelter in a shed trying to avoid the sight of the freaks who chased people down the streets ripping at their skin. Once in the shed they all proceeded to share the events of their morning the girls who Alex learned were seniors from the all girl catholic high school two blocks from his. They were on their track teen and were on their morning run when shit went to hell. Half of the team turned into a swarm of freaks every one left on their team torn apart fell but then got up again and joined in on the madness. They were chasing them, they ran for almost an hour before the whole team broke off and took shelter in Alex’s house probably very shortly after he had abandoned it. But then those freaks them and they lost all strength to run. They had only been able to get outside before they were cornered. They thought it was end. Their names were Jamie and Kara typical names in their boring suburban area. Before today they were probably typical seniors addicted to their go-jo-pro juice and always up for brain links. As mark was sharing his life as a jockey junior who everyone loved even though Alex couldn’t figure out why he thought about what he would say when they got to him. He was just a lame freshman. He wasn’t allowed to drink go-jo-pro because his mom thought is poison even though she had like five a day. He had never ran like the girls or played football like mark. He never linked in to someone’s brain either he just played video games all day and watched TV. The coolest thing he had ever drinking was a sip of wine at a wedding. He was a nobody. Mark finished up the tale of his day one of heart breaking loss with the same cool look he always wears then looked towards Alex. What was Alex gonna say he woke up that morning expecting hugs from mommy and instead almost had his neck torn off. He proceeded to push her off run next store where he was almost murdered. He the killed Mr and Mrs jackson then Tom. He’d found the girls and now he was here in a shed trying to explain himself. He had to make up a better story.

“I was drinking my daily go-jo-pro and I then…” Alex was interrupted Jamie. “ Ew you drink that crap its nasty I never would it’s nasty almost everyone on our team drank it before every run expect me and Jamie that stuff man….” Mark jumped into the end of Kara’s sentence including something about how it would mess up his prefect body or cause cancer or something. Alex didn’t really know he was lost in his own head to confused about what just happened to move forward with marks lecture. He had lied to sound cool but ended up just sound even dumber then he already felt. But under the embarrassment Alex start pasting together facts in his head one his mom drank go-jo-pro every morning before she went to wake him up, the girls who turned drank it before they ran, and tom drank  it all the time cause he thought it made him cooler. This thought only past over his mine for a moment before BANG! A loud nice came from behind the shed followed by screams. The teens dropped to the floor Jamie starting crying. “Shhh” Alex hissed after the first whimper. He edged over to his ax as the sound of footprint made its way closer to the shed. Alex grabbed an ax as a shriek marked the presences of freaks outside. The shriek shock all the teens to the core except Alex whose eyes glowed with determination. He wasn’t going to die inside this shed he wouldn’t let it happen. His thin wall had already been shattered autopilot was off now and he was in charge he rolled towards the door ax in hand. The door slammed open a swarm of zombies looked Alex in the eye he did not blink he raised his ax…. THE END