The Future of Human Evolution

It is no easy task to predict what the future of the human race will be. According to US News, “Humans are evolving faster than ever before, picking up new genetic traits and talents that may help us survive a turbulent future.” The human race, which is a quite intelligent, evolves everyday. Until recently scientists believed that the human evolution had slowed down, due to the lack of visual changes, failing to look deeper into the issue. Human are now evolving within their genomes and DNA, it has been scientifically inferred that with so many changes within the human body as opposed to the physical features, will one day start to change humans outer body.

A recent study in the news, (available on shows that speculation that changes in human mating patterns may be contributing to the increase in autism. Others track how humans have morphed in response to changing circumstances, including enhanced abilities to metabolize sugar and fight disease. One of the biggest changes within human DNA is that some humans are becoming more resistant to the HIV virus and it will become more common in the future, as well as changes in human body makeup. One of the factors of that is that it a new form of DNA testing helps parents choose the genetic makeup of their children, rejecting embryos with inherited flaws or embracing those with desired traits—such as being the right sex. The future of human evolution is based on the future of new testing techniques.

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