The Glass Castle book review Soledad Alfaro

The book I had read was The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It is a very popular book among many ages and it was on the new york times bestseller list for several months straight. It is a memoir, which to me made it that much more interesting because all the events actually took place at some point in her life.

The book The Glass Castle is about young Jeanette who lives all over the place. Her parents are always in trouble with the law and they are always on the run. Jeanette goes through some certified traumatizing times, yet they never seem to bother her. In the first chapters Jeanette is young about four years old living in a trailer park with her family and she is standing on a chair making hot dogs when she suddenly falls over and her favorite pink dress catches on fire and she gets 3rd degree burns. She ends up in the hospital and it is the first time you discover Rex Walls style. Which is clearly demonstrated throughout the book. The way their father Rex Walls handles financial situations by just ditching wherever and/or whoever they have a debt to. The book follows Jeanette and her siblings throughout their lives and shows how they cope with the craziness of their family. The family consists of Jeanette, Rex Walls, Mrs. Rosemary Walls, Brian, Lori, and Maureen. Jeanette is the main character in the book. She is very brave and adventurous and loves to ask questions. Mrs. Rosemary Walls is the selfish mother who is very apathetic and likes to think of herself as tough. Brian is the middle child and he is the only boy besides his father and learns to be very protective of his sisters from a very young age. Lori is the oldest of the bunch and she is very much the big sister she always tries to teach her younger siblings things to the best of her ability. Rex Walls is their very confident and vulgar father. He munipulates the lives of his wife and children but still loves them with all his heart and hopes that they love him. Maureen is the youngest and most fragile of the bunch and always seeking attention and for someone to take care of her.

My favorite Character in the book is Jeanette herself. The reason why is because she is so incredibly precocious. She always wanted to learn more about things and learn why certain decisions were made. When she starts to question her parents motives she becomes a bit more isolated and depressed, but she is very kind hearted and such a full loving spirit. What I believe readers should take away from this book should be the value of their families, and how being on the run can seriously affect a childs life, and how lack of love and care can cause a major problem.

I personally loved this book. It made me appreciate the life that I have more and how fortunate I am. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story. The time period and sub stories about Jeanette's family are so interesting and I guarantee it will keep you reading.