The Importance of Printmaking

Printmaking is the process of transferring an image from a printing block to another surface. The importance of printmaking lies mainly in its ability to duplicate an image an infinite amount of times with relative ease. This is precisely the reason why the invention of printmaking was so revolutionary. Printmaking has existed for such a long time that it was even a practice utilized by the Mesopotamians, who used cylindrical seals to transfer images onto clay tablets. Over the years, various forms of technology have assisted printmaking in becoming widely used. For instance, there was Gutemburg, who made the very first printing machine. It was a wooden press with movable metal type, and it took him approximately four years to complete. Much later on, there was (and still is) the inkjet printer.

This print is Church Path, a wood engraving created by George Mackley in 1956. I specifically enjoy this print, as it is vaguely eerie, yet has a calming atmosphere. This seems to mainly be the result of the use of light and shadow present in this image (not that there is much use of light! :D ) Additionally, the attention to detail is striking, and immediately catches the viewer's eye.