The Inspiration of Klaus Mikaelson and Kai Parker

2020 - The Inspriation of Klaus Mikaelsona and Kai Parker

I’m making a presentation about how two specific characters from The Vampire Diaries personally inspired my urge and passion for my future acting career. Before quarantine I was serious about wanting to direct, produce, and act, but I wasn’t so eager to explore the variety of different personalities to play and create, until I started watching The Vampire diaries. Obviously, within 8 months of being locked up inside, it’s not fun at all. To get through a time like this, me and my mom started watching The Vampire Diaries, where I was introduced to the two characters who inspired the type of characters I want to play. Klaus Mikaleson and Kai Parker, the two powerful, supernaturnatural, and feared villains. The show itself paves the way for my identity towards creating shows and movies in the supernatural genre. Basically, because of quarintine 2020, I know now exactly what I want to do with my future.