The months in Spanish

For everyone who wants to know how to speak some spanish here is a guide to helping you ask questions about the months and answer them all in spanish

Notice how the months in Spanish are not capitilized. This is because they are not capitlied unless they start a sentence.

One way I memorized this is part of a song (I think). It goes like this.

Enero, febrero, marzo y abril
Mayo, junio y julio estàn aquie
agosto y septiembre
octubre y noviembre 
Su nombre es diciembre

It's very helpful when you forget how to prononce the months (which I do a lot). Anyway I hope this is helpful.
Here is a video about how it helps you in everyday life as part of my school project.
(Note: Viemo got hit by Sandy so it's taking a while to upload).

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Dylan McKeon (Student 2016)
Dylan McKeon

Very intreging work, I would be quite encouraged to learn spanish if I was new to it. The only problem I see is with organization, try to box in any words in spanish, also keep a order, put the lesson first then explanation. Other than that it is fine.