The New Girl

First day of school tomorrow. What to wear? What to wear?

“Pink, ew no.”

“ I know, I’ll wear my black leather jacket with a white top and grey scarf, my black ripped jeans, and my black boots.” Two hours before the first day of a new school. It’s the middle of winter, they’ll think I’m a weirdo.

“ Teddy, what do I do?”

“You’re right maybe they won’t notice me.”

I take a breath and step inside the giant school. All eyes on me, I look behind me there is nothing but a closed door. They must be staring at me. My nerves take over my body I put my head down in shyness and walk. First class of the day, I walk in and introduce myself to the teacher.

“ Hello, my name is Josie, I’m the new student.”

I sit in the first seat in the first row. Everyone files into the room, and takes their seats. I hear whispers coming from behind me. They sound like they are making fun of someone. Maybe there is another new student here?

I feel something hit me in the back.

“ Ugly, go back to where you came from.”

I crumbled up the paper and hid it in my bag. The class ended, now for PE. I find the girls locker and change into my gym clothes.  I go through the whole day hearing hurtful words. I almost cried halfway through the day.  I’m happy that I’m going home.

“ Why are words hurtful Teddy?”

“ What do I do to  make it stop?”

I can’t help but replay what that note said. I walk over to my bag and pull it out and read it to my teddy.  Feeling the tears building up in my eyes and my heart is aching.  “ Ugly go back where you came from.”  I cry myself to sleep not wanting to be bothered.

I see the group of kids that wrote the note, I walk up to them.

“ Listen, I don’t know why you guys thinks it’s okay to call people names. I may be the new girl and all, but that doesn’t mean you can call me ugly or tell me to go back where I came from. I don’t to on anyone bad side I want to make friends so hopefully you guys won’t be such jerks and make that hard for me.”

I went on with my day with a smile on my face. Walking through the doors of my home and up to my bedroom.

“ Teddy I stood up to the jerks who hurt me.”

“ I hope they don’t ruin my chances of making friends”

“ Your such a good listener when I need you the most.”