The Paradox of The Internet #3

         Hello everyone, it is once again Ian Fay here for my final blog post. Last time, I talked about my own opinions on the issue I am covering. I also discussed the original research I had conducted in the form of a survey. If you did not see that blog you can access it in the links at the bottom of this blog. Now, it is time to make one last blog because now I have even more stuff to talk about. So let us get to my Final Post for Change!

         In my last blog post I talked about how I was to do my Agent of Change action. Since then that part of my project has passed and now I’m here to tell you about it. For my action, I did a presentation for my advisory. I went over the many things I have shown in my other blogs such as the identity theft, web restriction and discrimination, and the one murder charge discussed in my first blog. I feel like the presentation went well and I did a good job at informing the class of my issue.  

         Other than what I have done to raise awareness of the issue, many other campaigns and people have decided to do the same. If you read my last blog, then you may remember me talking about a video with a man by the name of Eli Pariser. He was talking about how certain websites that use algorithms to supposedly suit a user’s likes can create “Filter Bubbles” which can effectively restrict you from numerous amount of websites. Also there is a campaign called Save The Internet which helps to give net neutrality a secure foothold in our online society. There are other campaigns like this one which could really use a donation or even taking action in these campaigns. These are some of the few ways that awareness of this issue is being spread.

         In this whole process, there were some things I wish I could’ve done a better job in doing. One example is getting my survey that I created to more people to get a much wider opinion on my topic. Also I wish I could have done something more for my Agent of Change action. However, due to the complexity of this issue, I do not see any alternatives as of right now. Maybe there will be a solution sometime in the future but, as of right now there seems to be little to do unfortunately.

         Throughout this process,I have learned many things about not only my issue but, also myself and those around me. When it comes to this issue, there is a lot of mistrust, differing opinions, and other things that complicate it even more. There are many other problems like this were there doesn’t really seem to be a solution. Only time seems to tell how it ends. It’s hard to find out how to fix things like this and it takes years or even decades to solve. RIght now, all we can do is combat internet privacy issues. Eventually we may find a solution to keep our online society at peace once and for all, but until then we have to combat it and hope it will come soon.

         Thank you very much for reading my blogs. I hope I have informed you enough to where you can make change happen yourself. If you check out the bottom, then there are many different links to my past blogs, websites, videos, many other things for you to be aware of. This is Ian Fay here for the last time.

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