The PATRIOT Act Editorial

​The USA PATRIOT Act is certainly not flawless, but has been a successful process for preventing terrorism and other criminal activity. According to the Heritage Foundation since 9/11 30 terrorist plots were foiled including the shoe bomer and the underwear bomber. Anyone of those 30 terrorist plots could have caused mass hysteria similar to the 9/11 attacks, however with the help of the Patriots act these plots were nothing more than nefarious ideas.
It can be argued that out of thousands of people under investigation only a small percent are actual terrorist, but these investigations could help stop other crimes.  According to the "Surveillance Under The Patriot Act"  info graphic of the 3,970 sneak and peeks  peeks (secret searches of Americans' homes and offices) in 2010,  76 percent were drug related and less than 1 percent were terrorism related. These sneak and  peeks did find about 3 people who could be involved in terrorism plots, but even better the sneak and  peeks found a considerable amount of drug crimes. Meaning the Patriot Act could also decrease blue collar crimes like drug dealing. 
The Patriot Act can not find every terrorist in existence, but it has increased the probability  that America does find a terrorist. America could be considered safe since the Act and will only remain safe with the the Patriot Act  being enforced.