The Pipeline Monologue Project

For this project, my assignment was to create a monologue that states whether the person you’re playing is for or against the Keystone XL pipeline. But before we was assigned this I had to research the pipeline and discover what it was and what the pros and cons of it. My monologue was how God didn’t want the pipeline to take place for reason that it will destroy his creation and also harm the water supply and nature altogether. As I looked farther into the details of it I learned that a lot of people went to jail to prevent this pipeline from being built for good reasons but also it will be good for our economy as well.


This damn bulldozer is so loud I can’t hear myself think but I don’t care. At least I have a job now. “What about the environment? What about the environment?” They scream. Who cares? Creating this pipeline is opening 100,000 jobs. So why are you complaining? This will get you off your lazy asses and getting you to work. You won’t be act like this when you have money in your pocket.

Wait. Don’t get me wrong I care about the Earth and all but I need the money too. I know if I help create this pipeline not only will I destroy the Earth but I probably won’t have any friends left either. I know that it’ll also might cause climate change and damage our water supply but think about how much jobs will be available, the money that will be coming in, or maybe how rich the oil company will be.

You remember when Obama said he wanted to create more jobs? Well here’s his chance. What the hell is he waiting for? There’s people sitting home doing absolutely nothing but watching television and collecting welfare and food stamp. I know I use to be one of them people but there’s three types of people who do that. There’s the people who is looking for a job but not having success finding one, there’s the people who have been injured and can’t work, and finally I the people who is capable of working but is either too lazy to find a job or gave up on finding a job and decide to live off the government. Now see I’m the person who was looking for a job but couldn’t find one until now. If people did what I did (not give up so easily) then they would have a job. But no, they like staying home. In conclusion, if the stupid environmentalist sit there asses down and let the people who want a job help build the pipeline then there would be nothing to argue about. To help you think, my question is do you want to live in a world where everyone is naked?

Over 6,000 items, most of them are everyday used items are made from oil. So think about it. If we don’t create this pipeline to receive cheap, close oil then eventually you won’t have paint, trash bags, dishes, clothes, and lots more. I’m a not mad or angry or anything like that. I’m just trying to convince people that building this pipeline will be a good thing to do if we want to improve this economy. There are pros and cons are both important to this world. But be realistic, do you care about money more than the environment or the opposite?

God Dislikes the Pipeline:
Why?! Why would you want to destroy my creation?
It took me years to create a wonderful world like this and now you want to go and destroy it.
And the pools of my tears. What if the the black, liquid gold accidentally spills into my rivers,  my lakes, and my oceans?
Would it still be a good idea then?
The oil company and I is in the ring and I refuse to give up.
Money, money, money.
That’s all they think about.
(Calm down)
But they decide to look past the risk of climate change or the risk of our water supply.
My friends will lose their jobs too when this pipeline give off more greenhouse gases.
There’ll be more sun rays than that wonderful sign of Christmas.
The white soft diamond that keep you inside so you can drink that hot chocolate.
(Chuckle) But you’ll learn.
You’ll learn that this the worst idea America have ever thought off and I refuse to let this plan get put into work.
Not only are you disrespecting me by doing this, but you’re also disrespecting the people who don’t want the pipeline for the same reason I don’t.
So go ahead a try to build your little pipeline, but I promise you... (Pause) it won’t happen.

The Sister Phone Call:
(The phone rings and pick it up)
What's up girl, how you been? (Happy)
Really? Oh no she didn't. MMMM.
Oh I'm fine you know life is good and all but raising this teen is a pain in the ass.
Yes child. (Laugh)
So how's Texas?
Oh I know what you talking about. You talking about that uhh…. Keystone XL pipeline.
That’s going to make a huge affect on you ain’t it?
I understand but at least it’s going to create more jobs.
I know that it will have a big affect on the environment it’ll also have an affect on the unemployed people too. Is your husband still looking for a job?
(Get angry)
Pause. Nobody trying to be up in your business. I just asked that because this will give him a chance to bring home so bread and stop using food stamps.
Ok. I understand that it could be a good and bad affect on people.
Sure the pipeline might cause oil spills but it’ll also be cheap and closer too.
Maybe you’re right. Maybe the environment is more important than the oil but what about the things we use that have oil in it.
What you mean like what? Toothpaste, clothes, dishes, and others.
So to you these things aren’t important to you?
I’m not putting words in your mouth I just asked a question.
Well, I say if you don’t like it then move so you won’t be affected by it. To be honest I think we need this to happen.
Ok I know what you're saying but I still say we need the money and the jobs.
Alright, I got to go. I’m about to watch the debate and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.
Yea that one. So I’ll talk to you later.
I love you too Sis.
Bye (Hung up the phone)

Six Facts About Keystone XL Pipeline. It could:
  • Tar sand oil is from beneath Canada’s Boreal forest - Tar Sands