The Professional Review

The film, "The Professional," is a action flick, with the main characters Léon (Jean Reno) and Mathilda (Natalie Portman) becoming an unlikely combo. Léon is a expert hitman, who takes care of Mathilda, whose parents are murdered in a drug conflict. She proceeds to learn how to "clean."

The musical score accompanied the movie excellently, with deep bass and undertones along with some frantic higher-pitched noises, it helps make each scene more dramatic. The background music was okay, it didn't help set any scenes up or make the movie better, but it also didn't take anything away. Most of this movie is set up through dialogue, although in some scenes less verbal and more facial dialogue. Most scenes, had very good background noise, except for the final scenes, because they choose not to put background noisen.


Jean Reno-8/10; He did a good job playing the stupid, but loving and serious hitman. He has a sly, cunning side that allows him to do his job better than everyone else can. Some scenes are too far-fetched, but overall badass.

Natalie Portman- 8.5/10; Pesky, persistent, and lonely twelve year old, after seeing her family murdered, certain parts are a little complex for someone her age.

Gary Oldman- 7/10; He plays a good bad guy, but after seeing the Dark Knight he just reminds me of lesser version of the Joker. He does do a good crazy scream, however his whole pill chewing scenes still makes no sense to me.

Visual Element

The camera angles are crazy, they switch between wides, mediums, and close ups, my favorite scene (Spoiler Alert)  had to have been when he is escaping and as he gets to the cop car, the camera makes it seem first person, by opening the aperture a little bit, so everything is slightly brighter and then the camera shakes, a few to the right and some to the left, next it drops half way down to the ground. Finally, the camera hit the ground, then rotates like 40º to seem like a limp head. There were no special effects, besides gun fire and explosions, which were both so seamless, that they aren't even thought about 'til you think about them being fake guns and bombs. Mis-en-Scene, is in 1994, New York City, and a few apartment buildings. The film is so seamless between telling everyones story, it just flashes back and forth spending time on each topic when it is appropriate, there were no bad cuts. 

Act 1(set-up) - Mathilda's family dies, Léon watches most of the issues and lets Mathilda in his house after she finds out about her family. Her motivation is to get revenge and kill Stansfield. 

-Plot Point 1- Mathilda needs to learn how to kill.

Act 2 (Confrontation)- Mathilda wants Léon to kill Stansfield and his crew.

-Plot Point 2-  Mathilda however lacks the money to pay Léon.

Act 3 (Resolution)- Léon ends up killing most of them, after they come to kill him and Mathilda, alo he kills a bunch of the navy and cops.

-Plot Point 3- Mathilda gets what she wants, but loses her best friend and guardian. 

Aftermath- The protagonist is now open about who she is. Before she was oppressed by her parents, but after this and revenging her parents death, she seems much more social.

Plot point 4- Mathilda goes to school at the end and tells her full story, and it fades out as if she has hope to be a normal kid.