The rise and fall of Macbeth


  1.       a. What is this project about? This project is about Macbeth’s rise and fall of his life and loyalty. Macbeth was a trustworthy man that let his dark desires change his life, he was a clean hearted man that over the time his heart grew of power and ambition making bad decision and at the end he was filled with regret.

  1.     b. What was your process like in crafting the creative portion of this project?

  1. My idea for the first time of making this project was making a collage of Macbeth’s life  of how it went from a rise to a downfall, but then to make it much better and interesting I chose to make a comic with the quotes from each act and have a little side story so the reader could understand what’s going on with Macbeth’s life.

  1.       c. What difficulties did you encounter in doing this project? How did you overcome them?

  1. Some difficulties that I encountered doing this projects was finding the pictures from the same play but I overcame this idea by changing my idea of the collage into a comic with quotes and a little more information to make a story.

  1.       d. What are you most proud of in this project? Why?

  1. What i’m proud of making the project in one day not because I was procrastinating but I just got the date that it was due wrong, also because some of my friends thought the comic was really good due to the fact that i read comics I must had picked up some ideas on how to make the comics, I’m proud of this also because it’s my first comic project that I made and most of my friends thought it was really great.

  1.       e. What would you change/do differently if given the chance?

  1. What I would change if I do this project again would be making the story longer or making an actual collage.

  1.       f. What did you learn from your colleagues' presentations/projects?

  1. What I learned was that they had a lot of brilliant ideas on how to do this also they kind of knew what to do since the beginning of the project so they were very prepared for this.

  1.       g. What did you learn about yourself as a result of doing this project?

  1. I learned that Macbeth after all was easy and I remember I used to say it was confusing in some parts of the story.