The Road

Fire and Ice

Our board game consists of moral choices that not only affect one group but all groups involved in the game. The objective of, Fire and Ice, is to make it to the coast at the same time as the other team. We felt that since the coast was the man and the boy’s only goal in The Road that it would be fitting to make it the end of the game. There are two paths that lead to the coast. The longer (less difficult) road represents the road that the man and the boy took, and the shorter (more treacherous) path represents the forest that’s beside the road. Within the game two groups work together in order to reach the end at the same time. Throughout the book, the boy and the man are on their own and don’t really work with other people in order to survive but the boy constantly thinks about other people and how they are being affected by the world they live in. The boy has compassion for others and always wants to help even when they have barely anything to offer such as when they ran into Ely or when they returned the one handed man’s clothes after they took them away. Along with the man and the boy thinking about how their choices would influence one another throughout the book such as whether to “take a look” in a house or to camp out a night. Without them thinking about each other they would have ended up pushing each other away making it harder to survive. We wanted to add the compassion and teamwork element to the board game by adding two teams that must work together to reach a common goal but subsequently end up being the same group since they reach the coast at the same time. It makes the moral choices from the demon cards harder to make since it will be influencing both groups.

Each group gets camp cards and supply cards. Camp cards allow them to lose a turn in order to help teams reach the end at the same time. Supply cards are enough food, water, ammunition, etc for one person to survive the game, without a supply card the person evidently dies. In the book supplies is the most important thing for their survival which is why we added the supply card aspect to the game. It makes the moral decisions that they will encounter harder if it involves losing a card, possibly killing a member or taking on another person which means you would need a supply card in order to take care of them. Throughout the game each turn a group will roll a dice in order to decide which card they will have to work with, demon cards or angel cards. Demon cards deal with hard moral choices that people would run into while living in an apocalyptic era. These choices range from bad weather taking away a supply card to finding a child and having to make the decision to either take the child or not with the possibility of going back two spaces if you don’t, and losing a supply card if you do. Along with choices that can affect the other team such as pawning off a child onto them or taking a supply card from them. The team with these decisions would have to think about how their decisions would influence the other team and themselves bringing up the compassion element from the book along with the fact that within this kind of apocalyptic environment moral decisions are very important to survival. The boy and the man run into these decisions very often throughout the book where these choices that they make can influence the rest of their journey. Angel cards deal with the random strokes of luck that the man and the boy have run into such as finding a bunker or finding a tarp. Things that help with survival and make life just a little easier. Angel cards are hard to roll since you must roll a seven in order to earn them. You have the chance to earn supply cards easily or to move forward faster through out the game. There is also an opportunity to get both cards at the same time by rolling doubles. The man and the boy run into strokes of luck by getting supplies or finding a safe space but at the same time they have a hard moral choices to make such as staying the bunker. The man and the boy found a bunker which gave them enough supplies to survive for months but they had to decide how long to stay or wether to stay at all. In this kind of environment luck and choices go hand and hand so we wanted to make sure we included that aspect into our game.

Getting Started

Based on age. The oldest have to make the choice for the youngest. Do they want them to take the harder path with less choices compared to the easier path with more choices.

Start off with a 100% then throughout the game things are taken off of it.

Objective: Both teams reach the coast at the same time.

Items in Box:

  • Two dice

  • Timer

  • The board game

  • Angel cards

  • Demon cards

  • Supply cards

  • Camp cards


  1. 2 or more people should play. It is okay to have an odd number of team members.

    1. When playing with more than 2 split into teams based on your choice

  2. To decide your path you roll the dice.

    1. Larger number gets longer path, other group gets shorter path

  3. Each group gets a set of cards

    1. Supply cards: each group gets 1 card per person, 1 additional card for group use only

      1. Supply cards contain supplies such as guns, food, water, clothing, tarp, etc.

      2. You must have the same number of supply cards as people in the group when you start. Throughout the camp you may earn or lose some.

    2. Group with longer path gets 1 camp card

    3. Group with shorter path gets 2 camp cards

      1. Camp cards give you the opportunity to camp out at night forfeiting a turn

  4. Each turn you roll the dice, for each choice you have 5 seconds to answer

    1. 7: Angel card

    2. Demon Card everything else

  5. Go back and forth till both of you reach the coast at the same time

  6. You win by both teams surviving and reaching the coast at the same time

    1. You lose by killing the other team or dying

      1. Dying: No more supply cards after 4 turns

    2. Not reaching the coast at the same time

Emily Pugliese, Shilo, Antonio DeRock and Lei
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IMG_0541 (1)