The Shark's Spirit

Nicholas A. Doroba


Gold Stream




Water. Salty, blue and wide open. I am king of this place and I do what I want. What’s up dolphin? (Swims other way) Nobody likes me, they fear me, but yet I do not hurt anybody, I just want to be friends. I swim through the waters, close to shore, guarding the little ones and their fun. There are feet dangling from the waist down, children’s feet. I want them, but I do not go in for the attack. Instead, I circle below and warn off any fish that want a taste. I am not a bad fish. I protect the people and instill safety in the waters. I am not your average fish…I am a good shark.

Typically people judge me just because I am a shark, and suddenly everyone is screaming, like I am going to eat their heart. When actually, I guard them. I don’t like other fish that try to hurt humans, especially the little ones. So, I stay. I swim up and down the shoreline in search of endangerment. I hear the water ’s ripples faster than usual, almost as if groups of people all trying to get out of the water at once. I search, and I find. I see…a swarm of shark’s trying to ambush the beach and take as many people as they can. My worst enemies, my old friends…the ones that turned against me when I became devoted to being a good shark.

I swam up with an aggressive movement to try to fear them off, they laugh and ignore me. I never backed down before and I wont back down now. I fear I will probably lose but I know I still have to try my best to protect everyone.  I swim around and go in for a bite of my enemies tail when he whips me in the face and I loose some teeth. Lightheaded, I know I must try harder. As I attack another shark, I watch as another one swallows a child…whole I might add. As I daze off watching what just happened, a boat from the coast guard had pulled up and before I knew it…my life flashed before my eyes. They misjudged me just because I was a shark, and killed me…when really I was helping save the lives of the people on the beach. I now watch as my spirit, my body…afloat to shore and everyone crowds around thinking that I…I was an endangerment, just because I was a shark.

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