The Story of a Bill: Electronics Communications Privacy Act of 1986

For my benchmark, I chose to investigate the story of the Electronics Communications Privacy Act of 1986. I chose this bill because the internet and our access to it has a huge influence on current events. In the past year we've seen huge stories develop because of videos posted to the internet from peoples phones. This really solidified how important technology is in the world today. I chose to present this act through a prezi because it's a very interesting medium and quite dynamic in my opinion. I really enjoy working with prezi, but I had some real issues trying to fill in the prezi in the first place. When I was researching my act I found that there was relatively little history to it. From being introduced to the House to being signed into law, it only took four months, and a large amount of that time was waiting for the act to be voted on by the Senate. If I had to do this project again, I would research more about the voting history regarding the bill, such as who voted for or against, and what they're reasoning was for their decision. That said, the entire process was not all that difficult. I can't say it's what I expected because I found so little. I expected it to be about as difficult as it was, but for different reasons. I anticipated spending a lot of time researching a specific branch of it, only to find more branches; but that was not the case. My research was a very 'open-closed' sort of thing.