The Supporter

In our world history class we focused a lot on humans and how we interact with the enviornment. One of the topics we focused a lot on was the XL Pipeline. To understand the pipeline situation more real we looked into both sides, the supporters and the nonsupporters. In order to show we understood this issue we had to create three monologues, with characters on either sides. 


I was walking along the trail of where the XL pipeline would be with the man who’s idea it was to build it. I was interested in working on the pipeline once it was built. Normally I wouldn’t take this job but since the economy isn’t stable and I just lost my job this seemed like a pretty good option to me. As the man talked I zoned out thinking about being employed again,it had seemed like so long.

“Now there are some thing I need to ask and discuss with you before I can allow you to be part of my crew.” he said.

I left my happy space and listened. I was prepared to hear about the side effects of working on the pipeline but surprisingly he asked me simple question like where were you employed before, why did you leave, where do you live, why would you be good for this job. I answered quickly but made sure to make my answers sounded professional.


Dear Mother

I appreciate you keeping me updated about the news through your letters. I found one part of your letter especially intriguing the section on the pipeline. All though I disagree with some of your thoughts. I agree that creating jobs would be a plus since dad needs that but what about the environment and people's safety. Say for example the pipe were to break and oil leaked like the Exxon leak, even though they were able to clean up the mess in the process the environment was still damaged not to mention how much money was invested in this act. Now I know what you would say in this instinct who cares at least they got it cleaned up, but not only is the environment  getting harmed its the people around the spill. People who are working to clean it up can be affected in so many ways from an oil spill for example exposure to toxins, cancer later in life, and respiratory problems. So in actuality your point about it creating jobs is wrong, because these side effects could be a turn off causing less people to want to be working on this pipeline. You would have to be really desperate to want to work on something that would expose you to toxins. I can’t wait to see what president Obama decides to do. We’ll talk more when I get out of prison!

Lots of love,


I could hear the cars overhead of me as I leaned against the wall to keep out of the rain, with my cup for money and sign when I heard many footsteps rounding the corner. I stuck my head out to look and saw what looked like to be a mob of people shouting and holding sign with red slashes through the words they wrote. The curious  side got the best of me so I decided to ask someone what was going on. He was tall, and thin with a black leather jacket. I found out that this mob of people was in support of something called the XL pipeline, they put slashes on their poster to show they did not support the who supported the pipeline, which to me is confusing. From what the man I pulled over was telling me, this pipeline sounds like a pretty good deal. I mean it could create 20,000 jobs maybe I could change my living situation. I have been homeless for over eight years, I feel as though this is a calling from god. I got up and put my worn down hood on my head preparing to go out into the rain and march with the supporters. I felt alive marching for something I believed in for only two minutes. We rounded the corner now standing in front of the white house, the people were protesting with passion. The police soon showed up, but I continued to protest, when people were starting to get arrested that’s when I started to move away from the crowd a little bit