The Taming of That Awkward Moment by Sergei Mass

The Taming of That Awkward Moment

The play is Taming of the Shrew and the movie is That Awkward Moment. It features Jason and Daniel, both single players living in Manhattan when their best friend Mickey is splitting up from his wife. Mickey got married young and never experience the young and fun life of meeting new people like Jason and Daniel have. The three men go out to have fun and help Mickey get over his splitting up with his wife. Jason and Daniels plan was to stay single till then...

These two texts are similar because in the end, everybody wants to get married to each other. In the movie, however, the men hide their desire to get married because they are being seen as players. The men in the movie like to hide their desire because they want to make it seem to the audience and each other that they fulfill the stereotype that men do not have feelings.


Tell me her father's name and 'tis enough;

For I will board her, though she chide as loud

As thunder when the clouds in autumn crack."

In the play, Petruchio was keen on impressing Katherines father. He wanted him to know that he would take care of his daughter. Unlike in the movie where Daniel is not the type to impress his lady friend’s parents. In a way he embarrassed himself.

In this scene, Daniel is at Thanksgiving dinner at his undercover girlfriend Chelseas parent’s house. He is talking with Chelsea’s mother about what he does for a living. He then said a joke about his job that he works at Google. Then at that point Chelsea’s father walks up and says “You got a job at Google?” and Daniel responds with “No, no, no it’s just not..” and her dad interrupts with “Possible”. Here it reveals that Daniel is not the type to impress his girl’s dad. He does not prove a great deal that he is the one and has a promising future. It might be that Daniel does not want to be very open about his relationship or that he does not see it lasting too long.


Why, there's a wench! Come on, and kiss me, Kate.


Well, go thy ways, old lad; for thou shalt ha't.


'Tis a good hearing when children are toward.


But a harsh hearing when women are froward.


Come, Kate, we'll to bed.

We three are married, but you two are sped.”

In this scene Petruchio is being open about his love for Katherine with his friends. He is talking about kissing her and talking about going to bed with her. They are newlyweds and are crazy in love. Unlike in the book, the characters in the movie are not open with their love.  

In this scene in the movie, Daniel and Chelsea are laying in bed at Chelsea’s house. They are cuddling and talking about their live and Chelsea brings up Daniel’s friends. She then asks “What have you told them?” and he says “Oh… everything.” The audience knows that Daniel is not being honest with Chelsea. In the book Petruchio is very open about his love life with his friends and he feels that showing his feelings does not affect how “manly” he is and he does not really care what others think. He only cares about his feelings for Katherine.

That Awkward Moment and The Taming of the Shrew help perpetuate the stereotypes and societies views on the love life of men. Unlike the play Taming of the Shrew, Daniel and Jason are not very open about their relationships. They like to be seen as players and not seen a the type to settle down and have feelings. Where in the play, Petruchio is very open to his friends about his live life. In fact he plotted to get his wife with his friends.