The Thought Police Final Podcast

By: Gia Torres, Zoe Zisser, Ida McGrath, Andrew Bowers, Noor Kreidie

In the final Podcast we introduce the topic of the way the author is writing within the book. His ideas he wanted the reader to pick up on and what to look at while reading from our perspectives. We allow ourselves to talk about how we felt the author portrayed his own life within the text and even the message he was trying to give the readers with the historic ideas and futuristic path he was going through as he was writing. We hope you all enjoy.

  • The Thought Police

Comments (2)

Kankoue Folly (Student 2021)
Kankoue Folly

I learned a lot about the author in this book and how his life was really sad, this was a great point brought up by the group because it added context to the book itself. I also like how everyone had a chance to speak and express their ideas, and how everyone went off each other's ideas.

Williams Paredes (Student 2021)
Williams Paredes

Something that I liked about this podcast is that everyone in the group was talking together and not talking over each other, I also liked that they all had ideals on what to talk about and this made the video 10 times better, because this would make everyone want know more.