The Three Parts of Me

The Three Parts of Me

I feel like my strengths paint a very clear picture of who I am as a person. The strengths that I personally attribute myself with may not be the same strengths that others see in me but nonetheless I see them in myself and that is what really matters. My first biggest strength is that I am dependable, I feel as though if you ask me to do something or need some help, I’m can be reliable. My second biggest strength is that I am consistent, when I get in the habit of something (for example coming in on time) then I do not lose that habit. My third biggest strength is that I work well with others, I can still work by myself but when collaboration is involved I can excell. I believe that all three of my major strengths can come into play when working at my ILP.


Being dependable basically means being responsible enough for people to trust you. I feel as though I am a pretty dependable person. Whether that means to my friends, teachers, our employers. For example in my most recent job over the summer I had to earn my boss’ trust first for her to know that I was dependable. Being dependable is hard work and something that can be easily lost. I am confident that I can bring my dependability into my ILP.


When I say that consistency is one of my greatest strengths I mean to say that is that I can stay consistent with my routine. If I get in the habit of something I can continue without any problem. This could possibly seen as a weakness but I play it to my strengths. An example is last school year I would consistently come in to school everyday on time. I plan on bringing this trait into my ILP.

Work Well With Others

Working well with others is not something that everyone can do or likes that much. I feel as though I work very well with other people.  For example during a group project in school, I find it easier than working alone because there is collaboration involved. If everyone is pulling their weight then it is really easy to excel in whatever work your doing. I cannot way to see how this comes into play with my ILP.

Real World Application

I plan on using my three greatest strengths during my CTE engineering program and my engineering ILP. During my CTE engineering program at school I will be consistent when making it to class and following the rules, I will be dependable in order to operate with the tools, and I will collaborate with others while studying engineering. During my ILP I will be dependable in order to achieve more exciting tasks, I will be consistent with professionalism, and I will work with others to get the job done. I plan on using all three of these attributes throughout my experience in the CTE program. My main focus is to just get the most I can out of it.