The Truth

There are numerous different types of drugs in the world. Some of these drugs are like caffeine and can be found easily, while some are Crystal meth and can be found through searching. Because of all these drugs and the effects they have some of them have been labeled as illegal. One of these drugs is weed. Weed has been illegal for over 3 decades but for some reason, some states are  attempting to bring the legalization of it. But this is not a smart act, weed is a drug that must forever remain illegal.

One of the arguments that people tend to make for the legalization of weed is that it is not addictive. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a well known American Celebrity doctor, says differently. Dr. Pinsky says very clearly that “It would be malpractice to say cannabis isn’t addictive.” Further research into the national institute of drug abuse showed that the constant use of weed brings a level of dependency. When people who use weed constantly are taken away from it it is reported that they experience sleep problems, cravings, and physical discomfort. For these people the use of weed has become a very important part of their life and because of this it is needed for them to complete their daily tasks. Their brains/bodies cannot work without the soothingness that comes from a high. Being dependant on weed can cause problems with the social aspect of people’s life. Those dependant on weed will take risks to get their high even if it can result in them being placed in a bad position.

` Marijuana is also bad for a person’s health mentally. A recent study done by Northwestern University  showed that “marijuana users have abnormal brain structure and poor memory and that chronic marijuana abuse may lead to brain changes resembling schizophrenia.” The American Medical Association has also reported that “Heavy cannabis use in adolescence causes consistent impairments in neurocognitive performances.” Basically teens constantly using weed will make them dumber. If the future of the nation continues to use this drug they will get dumber which means that America’s future will not look that great. If weed becomes legal and easier to obtain for adults that means it will be easier to obtain for the youth. The same way a child can steal their parents pack of cigarettes is the same way a child could steal their parents bag of weed. Now the small child is not only damaging their lungs by smoking by also lowering their IQ and limiting themselves.

In conclusion weed should stay illegal because it does more harm than good. Look how America has gone with weed being illagal why make it legal and stop the growth. Some people say if weed was legal the police could focus on more important matters. But that goes for everything. If murder was legal the police could focus more on kidnapping. Weed is a problem, it is a gateway to a dark hard future. This future can be avoided by keeping it illegal.

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