The Verb Thief

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LESSON: The Verb Thief

In this lesson you will be able to learn:
  • Talk about where he has been
  • Talk about what he has done
  • Ask others what they were doing
  • Conjugate Ar, Er, and Ir verbs in the infinitive form
  • Conjugate Yo form ending of verbs ending in Gar, Car or Zar.

In any country, in any language, it is important to be able to distinguish past from present. It is important to be able to ask others about things and to be able to answer questions about things that have already occurred.  Being able to do so is a big step in communication and knowing the conjugations is important to being able to accomplish the first three goals. What we are most proud of is the quality of work everyone put in and how interesting the final product is. We really all put out 110% on everything and that level of commitment and collaboration is what truly is the amazing thing about this project. The only thing we wish we could change is the quality of video. In certain parts it gets pretty blurry.

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