The Work

 Man, I can't believe this sh*t bruh. I make them all this damn bread and they wanna pull this off?! What do he mean they want my damn head? Ha, f*ck that bruh, I'm the main money maker in this jawn. It wasn't even a dime. Man, I just gotta get my money and dip cuz. I can't be putting my family in danger like this fam.

   My brother walks out into the alley. He starts ranting on about how what I do is bad. (Chuckle) But I'm the reason that we livin' in this single house with three floors, a big ass yard and a damn pool. I'm the reason why they never go hungry in this house. He starts talking about how I could have done good without the drugs, without the drug money. He said I could have finished college and got a good ass job. As what though? A damn boring ass lawyer? Nah I'm good. I just look at him like if I was Kanye staring down the crowd of the Kris Jenner show for laughing at me. "Are you stupid?" I ask. He tells me to watch my mouth because he's my older brother. He lightly pushes me and I ball up my fist. "Ayo Bobby", I hear from the end of the alley.

   I look at my brother and run as fast as I can. I heard that voice and recognized that jawn as soon as I heard it. I look and they started running too, so did my brother. He knew who they were too. I hid behind a car hoping that they will keep going but I hear their steps slow down and eventually stop. They asked me where I was at. They were dumb as hell for thinking I was gonna act out. I heard them cats pulling out their straps, I heard them cock them jawns. POP POP! It's my brother who started shooting first. He came out of nowhere. POP POP! That shit continues, my brother was shot. He was holding his leg right above his knee.

   I grab his strap and black out i start shooting with my eyes closed. After a while I could feel it though. The cold, numb, emptiness right below my right shoulder. I keep blastin' though. These cats ain't taking me today. I blast, I blast... I BLAST! POP POP! I close my eyes and can't remember anything after that.


 I wake up and see all these cops. I was scared as shit. My damn brother is all that was going through my head. I must have been thinkin out loud cause one of the cops told me that my brother was right in the next room...he was gonna okay. They told me that they have to take me in after I recover. They allow me to leave the room and walk right to the doorway of my brother's room. "I'm sorry" I say. He just looked at me and I smiled then ran for my life.

Comments (5)

Aldo Caushaj (Student 2017)
Aldo Caushaj

Its really good monologue Pedro its was a great read interesting how younger brother was the one with the motives to protect the family and take care of them. I really liked the ending how he says by and he take of very nice

Tianna McNair (Student 2017)
Tianna McNair

This was so good. I really wish there was more I was so interested. I liked how it started in the middle of a situation then it was just all action through out the rest of the story. I loved the ending I wasn't expecting that but now I'm really interested in the what happens after that. Great job kiddo.

Ali Driggers (Student 2017)
Ali Driggers

I really like how you got deep into the mind of an actual drug dealer. I like how you really showed his emotions and thoughts. Very cool. I like this monologue.