The Worst of the Worst

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Maddi Etxebeste (Student 2019)
Maddi Etxebeste

I really loved your essay, even if all are personal, I found yours special. What I got from that was language's good and bad things, the utility of it, and that anything bad can happen at any moment. I was really surprised at the end of the essay, but I liked the way you explained your feelings and thoughts in that situation, you described it very well. Very nice job Kamil!

Afi Koffi (Student 2019)
Afi Koffi

I really enjoyed your essay and I think your theme of being grateful and ready for the surprises life may hand you is important and inspirational. I was shocked and worried throughout the duration of the essay because it was so well written. Your ability to paint a picture and keep the reader interested is great. Did you have to ask the members of your family what they remembered?

Jacobo Pastor (Student 2019)
Jacobo Pastor

I really liked your essay. What I took from it is that language sometimes can be a barrier or a salvation. Maybe your family was right but as people couldn't understand them they believed the other side of the story which can be totally wrong. In this situation, the language "betrayed" you and helped the other guy.
What I really liked about this essay is that you really explained your thoughts and you described the whole situation very good (since the beginning, I always wanted to know what would come next).

Autumn Lor (Student 2019)
Autumn Lor

Kamil Kielar; Worst of the Worst Your story was really interesting. There were times where I got shocked about what happened. I see that you wrote this so I'm guessing you're okay about it now. This story is interesting on its own but your writing helped understand a bit more. You showed that anything bad can happen at anytime, and something doesn't always get better. When you wrote this, did you ask anyone else what they remember as part of this story?