The Wrong Affection To The Heart Of A Child

                  All over the Internet, child abuse tapes are being downloaded clicked and played, from Berlin, to Mexico, then Florida and New York; Everywhere. For all the young people who where taking advantage of it was recorded while it happen. If that is not handing a child low self esteem then the human mind must be at a lost for what is.

                  Just as most children in the world a young 11 year old girl in Cleveland, Texas was allegedly sexually assaulted and of course it was all lead to being her fault. A small blog about this story stated, “Some who attended the meeting in Cleveland blamed the girl for the way she dressed and claimed she lied about her age.” Theoretically she wanted this act upon her. A small committee gathered in her town to discuss what was going on and came to the conclusion she was asking to be sexually abused. Seamus O Riley said on her blog “Kids are groomed to think this is a good person who cares about them." She is right when things like this happen kids think it is an act of affection and they adapt to it.

                  Child abuse is more or less just a “Hi” and “Bye” thing; because most people have such a nonchalant attitude they just say it’s “bad” people abuse their child. Whenever the top comes up people just think if everybody does it there is nothing that can be done. So not much thought should be put into it.

                  Physical, sexual, emotional and mental are all different things but it is still abuse to a child. When a child is emotionally abused they have a lot of build up fear in them and they’re not attached to their parent or guardian, as they should be. They don’t feel genuine love.

                  Statistics say “An average of nearly four children die every day as a result of child abuse or neglect (1,760 in 2007).” Also “Girls are sexually abused three times more often than boys. Boys are at a greater risk of serious injury and of emotional neglect than are girls. The incidence of fatally injured girls declined slightly, while the incidence of fatally injured boys rose. Found no race differences in maltreatment incidence.” 

                  The most obvious is the physical abuse towards a child, causing unnecessary injury to a child with hands or any object. Making bruises, welts and cuts, causing them to flinch for no reason and having inappropriate clothing on, according to what the weather is during that day.

                                    People have must really sit back and think about how they are the adults. Take a few minutes and talk to a child before you decide to raise your hand and ask yourself is this action you’re doing to a child helping them in any way or is it hurting them. Realize child abuse is harming the new generation of the world and if children are being affect now.  Who is to say in the future when youngsters become the next mayor and president that the world won’t be at a grate disadvantage. 

                 Adults have to start going beyond what they think they know about raising or disciplining a child. Embrace children of the world because some people need to feel physical affection and ask them, do you feel loved?