Third Leading Cause of Death.

A lot of people try to do it,have thoughts about it, and a lot even succeed in it no matter what the age. It's a very serious thing and a lot of people face it and a lot of families have to deal with the lost of there loved ones. I am doing a project in my English class called "You and the World" What this project is about is to pick a current event, that we were interested in and to research about it and blog about it.

The issue I am going to be blogging about is teen suicide. This topic interests me, because I hear about it all the time, I feel horrible and would love to give help to those teens who need someone to talk to. Another reason, is maybe you heard of those two girls who got hit by a train? Well, my best friend was very close to those girls, she knew them for a very long time. I saw just how effected she and all her family was. When I had heard about it, I was in shock. Couldn't believe that something so awful had happen.

After spending some time researching about my topic I learned about 2 million teenagers attempt to kill them self thats just in one year. Can you imagine? I never thought it would get to be this high, something has got to change. I also learned that suicide is the third leading death in 10 to 24 year olds. When I began reading the warning signs of suicide I noticed that it was something so tiny for example "Giving possessions away, making arrangements, setting one's affairs in order."-( be a sign to something so huge. In my opinion I think a lot of people should be aware of these things, just to be sure so that they can help there loved one seek help.

I am interested in finding out why some kids decide to take their own lives rather then turn for help.I understand that not all of them want to go for help, but I think if they would maybe try it one time and see that they could save their own life and maybe others. Also, I'm interested in finding  why some of the kids that bully are so cruel, and don't realize what there doing is so wrong and how effective it is. 

For me to go forward in this research, I am going to have to do a lot more research. This is a very big topic and there is way more for me to read about. I am even going to talk to my best friend to see if she knew anything else about the two girls.