This I Believe: Working It

I'm a doer.

When there is a task set in front of me, I tend to waver for a seconds before I sit down, plug in my headphones and just get it done.

My mindset: Get it over with and you never have to look at it again.

But then, there's that teenage section of me that wants go out, raise hell and ignore all possible signs of commitment and learning for the rest my days. It's this compelling plague, almost like a raincloud that follows me wherever I go. Something I can simply not turn away from because it's always, always there.

While being here at SLA, I have maintained grades that will probably land me in a good university. This is junior year, the time where scouts look to to see whether or not, these students are worthy of wearing their insignias on their chests. And so, I know I have to try, harder than I ever had before. Classes upon classes, benchmarks line up against the papers, and I sigh.

I know I don't want to do this, but I have kind of choice do I have really?

A couple years from now, I'll be graduating from college, trying to keep up with bills and maybe have to worry about a family. The ideal taxpayer with my degree, being the adult that I have engraved in mind from a young age.

But, I'm sixteen.

Young, foolish, stupid, with the constant idea of making mistakes. Time waits for no one and I understand that. Scholarships and SAT's are just around the corner, but I still wish I could live in the now.

So, I choose to. Usually, you can find me doing work although, not for every second of the day. I kid, laugh, giggle and do stupid, stupid things even when I know the consequences but it's worth it. I don't want to look back and wish of what I could have done, I plan to have fun with all the time I have left to spare.

Because I'm a doer. Sometimes.