Thomas Jeffcoat Capstone

For the past 8 months, I've been hard at work in the recording studio working on an 11 track EP entitled "From The Heart", which I executively produced. While working on the EP, I also started a vlog series on YouTube which chronicles my process from the very beginning. In November, I began partnering with the owner of Platinum Touch Recordings in West Philadelphia. This allowed me to access the recording studio and its equipment whenever necessary. Also, I befriended the studio engineer, Demetrius Hart, who is a student at the Art Institutes of Philadelphia. Meat, as Mr. Hart is commonly referred to, served as my mentor throughout the course of working on my capstone. 

In order to release the EP on its expected date, April 30th, it took countless long nights in the studio, constant bickering, and compromise of artistic views. I believe that working with so many different artists and music producers allowed me to dive deeply into the collaboration aspect of my project. Altogether, I believe that I produced an excellent product that I hope my peers enjoy listening to.