Three Branches

When I started the assignment, my instinct was to look up laws or cases that revolved around education. Out of all my roles, I value my role as a student more than anything. Although, I had much difficulty trying to pinpoint exactly which ones I wanted to do, I was able to find some neat sources and websites. It was also nice to look into and play up on my minority card, which I don't do very often or use. I kind of anticipate my life becoming a bit more affected by the government as I get older because a lot of the ones I chose were about me being a student and a minor. As I get older, those won't apply to me as much anymore. But new and probably more laws and such will take the place of those. During my research, I was a bit surprised by how much my life would be different if certain bills weren't passed or court cases didn't happen. It was very interesting to see how they were ruled also. Learning this made me more interested in how government works and makes me want to stay more engaged or involved in the things the government do.