Three Strengths - Eli Lerner

My personality type is INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judgement). INTJs amount to two percent of the population. INTJ’s are extremely rational, produce original ideas, and are research fanatics.

Hard Working and Determined: I am person who values efficiency over almost everything. A perfect example of this is making breakfast: I toast my toast while I scramble my eggs. I am also a determined person who is also very passionate about things I find interesting. If something is interesting to me I will exhaust the topic and learn all it has to offer. There are many personal examples of exploring random topics that pique my interest that start as a simple google search, then unspool into a thread of tangents and articles and facts. The topics can range from the inner-workings of computers, to chimp behavior, to archetypes.

Decisive and Confident: When I come to a conclusion I have little reason to doubt myself because I trust my own rational process. When I think I am right it is hard to convince me otherwise. You could call this stubbornness, but I call it confidence. However, when I am proved wrong I am able to adjust my previous conceptions to the new one and understand the logic behind the change in opinion or fact.

Open Minded and Imaginative: My open-mindedness allows me to accept new ideas when they are supported by logic and proven. I can internalize these ideas even if they are in the contrary to my previous beliefs. My open-mindedness helps me in everyday conversation because it helps me hear other people’s point of view. My imagination is a key factor in my introspective ways. I know myself very well and know what I want. My imagination helps me because it allows me to be unsatisfied. That there can always be a next step. My open-mindedness and imagination can lead me to be able to do anything I set my mind to.

I believe these three strengths will influence my time in the CTE Digital Video Program positively. My imaginative mind will produce interesting stories and shots. My open-mindedness will prove a useful tool in when hearing other people’s ideas. My confidence will be a positive influence on my group if they are uncertain about a shot or the story.