Three Strengths Blog


In this essay, I will discuss three strengths of mine that I believe affect my personality and my relationships the most. In the next three paragraphs, I will go into depth about each of these strengths. Hopefully, by sharing these strengths, you will gain a better understanding of me as a person and as a thinker.


I believe that being rational is one of my greatest and most useful traits. Being rational allows me to make decisions that are backed by solid reasoning, as well as be logical in situations that require as much. It also helps me manage my time and estimate how long something is going to take. If I was not a rational person, I would have a much harder time managing my life on a daily basis.


Being straightforward with myself and with my peers is a great strength to have. It allows me to give high-quality and realistic feedback to people when they ask for it. I am able to communicate more clearly with people because of it, and I can back up claims with factual information. I also do not sugar-coat things. I say things as they are because white lies will not change anything, they will only delay finding the solution to an issue.

Hard Working:

Out of all of my strengths, I believe that being hard working is my greatest strength. Because I have a good work ethic, I am able to get work done efficiently and to the best of my ability without spending too much time on each task. When it comes to something that I am interested in, I dedicate a lot of time to it and push myself as hard as I can. I hope to learn to do this when it comes to things that I am not interested in much.


I feel like these three strengths will influence my time in CTE Digital Video a lot. I think they will allow me to get an interesting and unique perspective on what we will be doing in class, as well as allow me to take away more from each lesson that is taught. Overall, I hope that these strengths positively impact my time in CTE Digital Video and continue to progress and help develop me into a better person.