Tia's Slide

In this slide as you can see I have incorporated my passion of dance and basketball. I made all my text big so it would generally attract the eyes of people and allowing me to get my point across to the people of the community. I also incorporated the display of bleeding my pictures off the page, I put this because it makes my audience believe the picture is too big to fit on the slide but also gives enough room to add any particular element or wording to the extra space. I also added a large eye catching picture that grabs the reader's attention then soon leads them to the wording and gets the point of the slide across. I also made sure my slide was very catchy and could keep the readers eyes attracted. I was hoping that if a normal person was just driving down a road, would generally look at my slide and find interest, or at least generally question it. I add all these designs because I feel it will help catch the public’s eye very easily and will attract them no matter where they are. It will allow me to tell the people what I need without boring them and sending them back unto their steady focus beyond the ground. I want the public to know, I am passionate about basketball and dance and if either was ever to not be in our world we live in then there would be no reason for life, no reason for breathing, no reason for our world to rotate. Basketball is my passion, Dance is it’s sidekick, and put both together and that is life!
Slide about Me!