Time - Hora


To ask the time:


What time is it? - Qúe hora es?


To tell the time:


Son las- (whatever time it is only if its NOT one) Son Las= plural

Es la- (whatever time it ONLY one) Ea la= single


Example: 9:10 = Son las nueve y diez. Ten minutes past nine.


:15= cuarto

:30= media

:45= menos cuarto

:55= menos cinco


Use ‘Y” for mintues past the hour.

Use “Menos” for minutes of the hour.


Say is its 2:15 in the evening. So you would say dos y cuarto.



Using the time could apply in a real life situation. Such as, when you waiting for the bus and you need to know how much longer it will take for your bus to arrive.

Created by Jamie Murphy & Jalisa Smith