Timor-Leste Election Project

Timor-Leste is a tiny country, so Rita and I suspected it would be difficult to reach people from there.  Our first idea was to look for international schools in Timor-Leste.  We found one called Dili International School.  I sent the principal an email.

The principal said she could not ask her students to interview people on election day because there was a possibility of violence.

After that, we sent an email to the Timor-Leste ambassador to the US.

Unfortunately, he never replied to us.

Then I remembered using a site called rafi.ki in freshman year to contact foreign students.  We went to Mr. Sherif and got the login information we needed to go on Rafi.ki.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find anyone from Timor-Leste on the site.

We also started looking on Twitter, but didn't find much.

Then I found another international school in Timor-Leste, so I sent one of their teachers an email.

The teacher replied, explaining that the students might be too busy but he'd give me their email addresses anyway.

I sent the students emails.

Rita also sent out emails to students.

ROne student replied to Rita, but it turned out she hadn't actually gone out on election day or spoken to anyone about it.