Timothy Ingram Capstone


My senior capstone was a basketball youth clinic. I had many ideas flying through my head regarding what I wanted my capstone to be, but I knew I wanted it to be something I spent my whole life doing. I never had many opportunities to go out to different basketball clinics, so I decided that I wanted to give inner city kids an opportunity to do so. My goal was to bring the youth together to develop their basketball, leadership and social skills. I wanted to give the youth an opportunity to learn and increase their knowledge of the fundamentals of basketball. My purpose was to give back to the youth by doing a project that I would enjoy and also love doing. I thought it was a good idea to create a basketball clinic for free because it would bring the community together for a fun day of physical and sporting activity. At first, it was difficult trying to find a gym and coming up with different ways to promote the event. It was also challenging because I had no prior knowledge of how to run a basketball clinic. I researched many basketball clinics that have been previously held in the Philadelphia area. With that, I was able to put together several ideas that would make the clinic effective and enjoyable for all who were involved. I knew I had to make the activities very flexible and exciting so the kids could learn the different fundamentals of basketball. Overall, my capstone increased my leadership qualities and taught me how to take advantage of any and every opportunity that is given to me because there could never be a next time.

"How to Run a Youth Basketball Camp from Scratch ­." ​AVCSS Basketball​. 22 May 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <​http://avcssbasketball.com/how­to­run­a­youth­basketball­camp/​>.

­ I found this source useful because I will need to know all this information on how to run a youth basketball camp. Running a basketball clinic can be very hard or even unsuccessful but from having this source it is taking me in the right direction to have a successful youth basketball clinic. As I looked over the website I discovered different ways I could run the youth basketball clinic. While looking over this website it helps me put things in order the day of the clinic. I feel like it’s very necessary to read as I plan out what I want to happen and what I don’t want to happen in the basketball clinic.

"Basketball Training: SkillsFactory OutWork Clinic #Basketball #Drills #HardWork #Results."​YouTube​. YouTube. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HocvtTWED64​>.

­ I selected this source because the videos shows how the people who ran the clinic went through every step to help the kids develop their basketball skills. As I watched the video it help me put all the pieces in order on what the kids would want to do at the clinic. This video is very reliable because it will help me put together a successful clinic. Also the video gave me great ideas to keep the kids happy and would want them to stay involved with basketball.

"Basketball Drills." ​Online Basketball Camp ­​. Web. 30 Jan. 2015. <​https://www.onlinebasketballcamp.com/pages/basketball­drills​>.

­ This source provides with information how I can teach kids drills to learn different ways to help them improve their individual basketball skills and mental toughness. The source taught me that if I teach the kids the proper form, technique, mindset while they are trying the drills it can help them become a better basketball player. This source is very useful because it will help me be a good leader for the kids as I help them develop their skill set. If they work on drills and their skill it would help them later in life to become a stronger individual on the court.

Kay, Matthew. “Interview” 30 Jan. 2015

­ This source provides information on how to run a youth basketball clinic. I will ask him questions about what kind things I should do to develop kids basketball skills. He will be reliable because he has the most experience of teaching kids how to develop their basketball skills.

Nelson, Haneef. “Interview” 30 Jan. 2015

­ This source provides information on what kind of things happens at a youth basketball clinic. I will ask him questions on what kind of things did he do the basketball clinic, how did that affect his basketball skills, did it help him become a better basketball player or help him with his mental toughness. He will be very reliable because he has a lot of experience with completing basketball drills at a basketball clinic.