To Read or Not to Read by Harlem Satterfield

It should be around here it here? No...there? No….ummm...AHA! Here it is! I’ve been looking for this for so long.  I can’t wait to read this. I bet this’ll be…oh…hey Dad. What are you doing here?

What do I have here? Oh, umm…it’s a book. I was going to start reading it for class. I need it for English this quarter.

What book is it? It’s uh…it’s called “War of the Skeletons.” I’ve been looking for it for a while.

Uh, yeah, you can see it. I know it’s not something you’d want me to read, but-

Wait what? Why!?!

B-But it’s a good book! I actually want to read it! Ms. Vomohap said-

Are you seriously bringing this up now? Of all times?


Why are you being like this dad, you never let me read what I want! You’re always telling me to read harder books and now that I have one, you won’t let me read it! And for what reason? It makes no sense!

Why are you always so critical? This doesn’t even affect you! You never let me have any fun whatsoever! All you do is criticize me! You always think I’m playing video games when on my laptop! And it’s not like you do it to everyone, either. If my brothers we’re to make a mistake, they’d just get a slap on the wrist! You don’t even yell at mom that much! It’s always me! Why do I always have to get the lecture? It’s not fair! Now, I really need a book to read for class. My teacher said it could be anything as long as it’s something adequate for a 10th grader to read! And this is!

I don’t want to take any of YOUR books. I want to bring my own! Besides, your books are so boring!

Why? Because they’re so long! I don’t want to spend my time reading a 50 chapter book! And there always about the same thing! I know how they all end! There’s some kid who’s a nobody, they find out they some secret or superpower, then they meet a girl and ends up dating them at the end. I know!


It’s because of the subject, isn’t it?


The book is set in a famous video game, and I know how you feel about them. You’ve always hated video games. Always.


Ok, let’s say that I had a book about World War II. It’s exactly like this one, a lot of chapters, no pictures, everything. Accept it’s a very violent book and goes into full detail about the war. It’s gory details fly through your head and never come out, resulting in endless nightmares and such. Would you have let me read that? Have you?

I thought so.


Look Dad, I know you’re upset, and I know how much you want me to read. You want me to be better, and I do too. So I started by picking out a book about something that interests me, because then I’ll have a reason to pick it back up. I really want to take a look at this book. So can you please, please let me read it?


Really? You’ll let me? Seriously? I actually convinced you.


Thank you! Finally I can read something!


You won’t be disappointed, Dad! Not at all!

(Dad leaves, character looks at book)

I better make the best of this. If I’m going to change, this is a good start. I remember when my brother read this a few months ago, and he said it was awesome. I think it’s awesome, too. So, yeah, I’m going to read this, no matter what anyone says! I now have something to read!

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