"To the Window!" "To the Wall!"

​In this project I have learned that people are not what they appear. People can go through things that you never know about and be able to comprehend how they feel. I just want to know have you ever listened to one of your favorite and the artist talks about woman in negative influence like calling her a bitch or hoe. Has that ever been something that makes you want to change your song or listen something different. Well to me that's crossing boundaries. Im here with Katie Walker & Pierce Luck who have a stories for us.

Reflection:This is a form of crossing boundaries because people should know that life is always changing you have ups and downs. And you have people who speak there mind. In the project I have learned about new things such as, how people act when they hear things that have profanities in them.This is major conflict in the world and I'm still not sure if there should be change because, at the end of the day they are just words.Its just how we interpret them.
final interview #2

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