Tobi Adebayo Capstone

Hey guys! For my senior capstone, I decided to create a website that would be a platform to donate dresses. My original plan was to collect dresses and then hold an in-person prom drive. Due to COVID-19, this was not possible. The dresses that I collect will be used for the following prom season. (2021) Although I was not able to attend my senior prom I attend my junior prom so I knew first hand the financial strain that attending prom brings to a family. If I can help someone to allow another girl to attend her prom I am glad to do so. The process of my capstone was a very challenging one and I faced many obstacles along the way. When looking at the process of how a prom drive could be possible I began to think of the benefits this would bring. I started by getting the word out through social media. Then once I had those who were willing to at I made them sign a contract stating they were giving there dresses away. Switching gears to the website which is that I am the most exciting. This website is easy to maneuver around. I believe this is very important because it helps all backgrounds to be able to access a dress if needed. In the end, I was able to collaborate with girls all over the city to donate dresses. I set a goal of 30 dresses when starting this journey I have fallen short by just a few dresses. With your help, I could reach my goal ;)

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