Tomas Arango - Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to stick to what I truly love, running. As captain of the Cross Country team my senior year of High School, I loved being a leader and watching everyone grow throughout the season. I wanted to leave something behind since Cross Country was one of my favorite parts of my time at SLA. Talking with my coaches, I decide to start a fundraiser for the team, first by opening a GoFundMe page and posting weekly updates on Facebook. Within a week I raised over $150. We also worked together as a team to have bake sales which helped with raising more money. My end goal was $1,000 but in the end I only raised a total of $500.

My overall goal was to create an ongoing fundraiser that would last for seasons to come. Since I’ve been on the team, there hasn’t been any types of bakes sales or anything to create more funds for the team. Working with Coach Giknis and Captain Krystal Cabrera , a schedule for fundraisers will be created for the Fall 2017 season. Money will used for new uniforms as well as any necessities the team decides on.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me and to everyone who donated money to support my capstone. It’s been a great learning experience working on this capstone, and I hope that this is the start of a much larger Cross Country team for my school.

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Fundraising can be difficult, especially when you have a deadline and goal. The Entrepreneur provides tips and info on how to do it effectively. A website where many entrepreneurs or simple people seeking help with every day businesses can go for help. Entrepreneurs from all around the world come together to build this website for the general crowd. This website can help me get organized, with tips on how to build a team and assign tasks to everyone who is helping me.

Planning a 5k can be very difficult but this spreadsheet provides detailed info on everything that might occur during a 5k. From simple things like water to number of runners, to terrain and other things. Mag 7 Race Series runs out of Indiana where runners can sign up for local races and compete state wide. They also have resources for coaches. I can use this to plan out and think of more specific things with the race so all runner are safe, comfortable and happy.

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Planning and setting goals to meet is essential to planning a 5k or pretty much anything. provides resources for all types of atheletes. With it’s own app, it’s a great website to help you stay active. After completing my calendar,  I now see how much planning I have to do in order to make this race possible. This will help me get organized.

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Location is very important to me because I don’t want to interfere with other people and their daily exercise routines. But I also want a public space that is open to the public. This website provides tips to planning ahead and making sure that local communities and organizations know what you are planning and when it’s happening. provides resources for all types of atheletes, to help them stay active and more informed.

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Money plays a big part since the whole purpose is to fundraise for my cross country and track team. I also plan to get sponsors from local stores and maybe school runed organizations. provides resources to how to reach out to those people and help build promotion for your event. provides resources for all types of atheletes, to help them stay active and more informed.

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Budget cuts have been a big issues over the last year in our school district. They’ve impacted almost every single public school in the city and every subject. I want to make people aware of the damages caused and NPR’s interview provides insight on how it’s actually affecting people in schools. NPR has millions of interviews and has been around for many years.

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Budget cuts affected a lot of extra curricular activities like music and also sports. This article spoke about how a lot of teams not longer have money for all the equipment they may need. Going back to my project this is what I want to focus on because I think it’s important for students to have a good sports program. works in conjunction with the Inquirer to provide daily news about the city and also the surrounding area.

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Starting to fundraise and asking people for money can be hard. Bake sales will be my way of getting money since it’s very popular at SLA. Nonprofit hub gives tips on how get involved in the community and fundraise effectively to reach your goal. Designed by owners of nonprofit organizations , this website provides deep insight and information.

  • Graham, Kristen. “Phila. District spends less per pupil than most other cities” Philadelphia Media Network. 16 Jan. 2015 Web. 2 Feb. 2017


It’s interesting to compare other school districts with ours because you are able to see how much less we receive in fundings. This article digs deeper into every student and how much is really given to each and every single one. It’s current and so it’s information I can really analyze and use for my final presentation.

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Bake sale will be how I make my money, and making the right food can make a big difference in the amount of money I make. This website, created for parents gives details about how much bake sales actually make and how to increase profit as much as possible.

Fundraising for sports teams can be really helpful for the success of the team. Having the proper equipment can help a lot. This website provides info on all the things that could go wrong and everything that you should watch out for when fundraising for a sports team. This website focuses on essential fundraising for different types of events, and is edited by several non-profit and business owners.