Tomy Fleurine Capstone

​I created a mixtape/album. I wanted to host a soccer tournament but my original partner proved to be not as available as I hoped and I was not able to raise the funds that I needed in order to have a successful tournament. My goal when starting my capstone was to do something that I can really relate to, have talent in, and that I love. I have been writing music since I was younger and had some songs I wanted to produce and put out there so it was not really a hard decision for me. Furthermore, I was able to find someone else with a Capstone exactly like mind, Ameer Forte. He planned to focus on rapping in his album and I planned to focus more on singing and producing. Therefore, I thought would be smart to work with him and create the album together. 

This has been a masterpiece in my opinion. All the Science Leadership Academy core values have been incorporated into this project. I collaborated with Ameer to get it done along with his uncle so collaboration was key. I have researched different ways to sing work on my voice so it sounds clearer, editing songs and make them sound good, and getting into a good flow of songwriting so research was key. I used inquiry to use my new found knowledge and apply it into the final product. I also used the remaining two core values which are presentation obviously and reflection. Enjoy.
01 Intro_ I Hope You Feel Me (Prod. DougieOnTheBeat)
Our Struggle(Prod. Uncle Savage AKA Ramsey Forte
Dirt (Prod. Daw Beats)
04 All My Love Feat. Tomy Fleurine (Prod. Roland Forte & Classixs Beats)
05 Right My Wrongs_When I lost it (Prod. Lobia)
06 The Scene (Interlude) (Prod. P.SOUL)
Never Trust. (Prod. beatsinmybackpack)
Rotation Feat. Sincere The King (Prod. Nique Musiq & Ameer Forte)
09 We'll Be OK (Prod. Ricky Vela & Ameer Forte)
Tbh (Prod. Uncle Savage & Ameer Forte)
All The Feels (Interlude) (Prod. Ameer Forte) 2
Love Story Feat. Keely (Prod. Curtis Drummond)
13 Intentions (Prod. Flip)
Outro_All I Know (Prod. Canary Julz)

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Soccer allows people to stay healthy and energized. Through this tournament, not only will the community be positively affected but it will enhance the knowledge of my partner and I to be better with our organizational skills as well as helping our community in ways we don’t have to. We plan on having money to raise to help the community through selling drinks at the tournament. We plan on even possibly teaching some of the kids at the tournament soccer as well. Understanding fully how to play soccer is necessary to complete this tournament. This source helps greatly with our cause.

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