Twitter Contest

Yesterday while I was on twitter, I noticed that Wes Craven (the director of Scream, and other movies, but most importantly Scream) was hosting a contest on twitter and the winner would receive two tickets to see the Premiere of Scream 4 in LA. The goal of contest was to answer one question about the Scream Series, and answer the question as #wescraven and #scream. I constantly refreshed my page until Wes Craven posted the question. After at least 6 minutes, he tweeted the question. "What was Maureen Prescott's stage name in Scream 3?". I knew this answer and as I attempted to answer the question on my phone, for some reason my Twitter application continued to force quit. Then, I went on my computer to post the answer. After I mentioned Wes Craven in the tweet with my answer, I assumed that I was the only person/ first person to answer the question. Out of curiosity I clicked the mentioned tab on Wes Cravens profile to see who answered the question, too. To my amazement at least 40 people answered before me ! Only two minutes had passed since the question was asked on twitter and so many people had answered within the first seconds. Even though many people answered the question before I could, I'm giving them all the benefit of the doubt that they cheated and googled the answer, they're not true fans.