Ty Ellerbe Capstone

 When I first started off with my capstone, I planned to make a documentary about how people joke about suicide and how it affects people who have been through suicide or now someone close to them who has. Also the stigmas and mental illness overall. It became overwhelming for me to complete that task. I changed my entire approach and decide on a website. I know my plan was still to spread awareness to people who are insensitive to the mental health world. A lot of people will use suicide to show a way of being stressed. For example “I got a C on this math test, I’m going to kill myself.” It’s very frustrating for people like myself who knows what's it like to want to die and how serious it is. Suicide is not a joke and I want to convey just how serious it is. I suffer from depression and anxiety so I connect with this on a personal level. I hear a lot of jokes in school and outside and it makes me very uncomfortable and that people take mental health as a joke. I want to change the way people speak of mental health. I interviewed different people of cultural backgrounds and gender. I created different sets of questions for each person I interviewed. I aimed to get people who suffer from mental health problems to speak on their experiences and shed light on it. I also shared my story. I want people to understand the importance of talking about mental health and how it affects people's day to day lives. All of my work is located on a website I created.