Tylier Driscoll Capstone

​For my senior capstone, I created My Philly Love Letter, which is a news blog that focuses on promoting small businesses in Philadelphia. I created a website on wix that operates as the heart of where things are ran. From the wix website, anyone would be able to access my interviews with small business owners from the YouTube channel, the Instagram and twitter accounts, as well as any blog posts on the site. For the social media portion of the capstone, I used pixlr to make my YouTube banner and account logos. I edited my video in Resolve and I used the wix blog post feature to make blog posts. I wanted to interview people who were involved in their community in some way shape or form as well as people who grew up in the Philadelphia area. I felt it best to interview people I was close to, to avoid any awkward moments between me and my interviewees, since I’m still an amateur interviewer. I interviewed two people at once who’re running a small business together who are very focused on community outreach. Through my capstone process I learned that I should schedule as many people as possible. Before this, I never thought about how my plans with some interviewees could fall through. Some minor takeaways that I learned were to allow my capstone to change as I went along the capstone process and to use a different video editor because I wouldn't know when Resolve would randomly crash on me. Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MV1XyVneaJs5Rr7XYHz0r8nEybw2Kty31J1l1DZPFys/edit?usp=sharing Wixsite: https://editor.wix.com/html/editor/web/renderer/external_preview/document/f00dafaa-3a26-4605-a854-833fce1a311a?metaSiteId=6269736d-6ae6-46b5-9210-fe0f377e751c