Tyshon's Life

The Life Of Tyshon (Remix)

What I learned from the critique of my slide was that I needed to make my pictures blend together in a better way. I also learned that my slide shouldn’t have too many colors because that might distract the viewers from the point that I’m trying to make. Another thing that I learned was to make my title stand out from the pictures so the viewers would know what my slide is about.

Based off the critique of my slide I made several changes. The first thing I did was I thought of what my theme of the slide should be. I chose to make it blue. Then I found pictures that fit the theme of my slide. I know some of the blues are different but I tried my best to match the blues. After that I made the pictures even and balanced out.

The research that I did helped me make a better slide because it gave me advice on how to make a presentable slide. It showed me what it takes to make a slide more appealing to the viewer and why certain slides are better than others. The sources that I used was Presentation Zen and a video about slide designing.