U2 #8 (lilly roman)

The video we watched was called Growing Up Online.

1. The show was about how open the internet is. A lot of kids posted things they would not do in real life, thinking it was "safe" and "personal" when in reality, it was open to anyone and everything.

2. The thing that stuck with me the most was the kid who ended up committing suicide. The fact that these kids were just relentless in their teasing and bullying was insane. While they stayed safe in their bedrooms, this kid was being pushed down without them even lifting up their hands. Eventually he even found websites and a kid to talk about suicide. All this without his parents even knowing.

3. I felt that it is important to watch the video is because everything in this world nowadays is online. People need to realize that the internet is a tool and not a toy. Nothing you do is going to come without consequences and the internet especially is not an exception.

4. To keep family safe from certain aspects of the internet, I want to show them what can happen and how dangerous it can be. I want to make sure they understand how bad it is, but at some point, I think you need to trust them to do the right thing after a while. 

5. Like the boy, you need to be aware of whats happening in your family and making sure they aren't hurting themselves or others. 

6. To let my parents know about internet safety, I would probably sit down and talk to them about it or even on a car ride. I talk to them about the good and bad things and how we can use the internet to benefit our family.