U2#8 Gerber

In tech class, we watched a show called Growing Up Online. It was about the first generation of digital natives, and how their lives are different than the generation before them. It talks about the pros and cons of this new technology based lifestyle, and it describes some of the challenges that technology can cause for us in the long run. We learned a lot about how technology can save schools, but how it can also destroy people’s lives. Something that stood out to me is that there are websites that people visit to be encouraged to have an eating disorder. It just seemed like something that people would fight so hard to overcome or that we shouldn’t let happen. I’d hope that more people would visit supportive sites that help with some of the hardships that come with overcoming an eating disorder instead of ones that encourage you to have one.

I think that these shows are semi-important to watch. I think that it is good to know what life was like without technology, how we have grown since its invention, and how it can be abused. Knowing these types of things can influence the ways we live our lives and the decisions we make. That said, this movie was very old, and I’m not sure if it accurately reflects the actions of the younger generations of today. We might not use the internet in the same way people used to. We might be less attached in the ways that others were, but we also might be abusing the web in ways that the movie didn’t show. The internet has grown in big ways since this program was created, and I feel like it would be more impactful if the examples they used were more current and up to date.

Today, problems that come up with internet abuse can be very severe. Hackers can access all of our bank info, personal information, and photos. If someone has this information about you, they can do a lot of damage, both financially and emotionally. Therefore, it’s the parent's’ job to keep their children safe. Parent’s should have a friendly approach to how they monitor their children. Being too overbearing or strict can make the children want to act out even more. A good way to help your kids be safe is to give them your trust. Make sure you tell them that they shouldn’t post anything that could give strangers personal info they could use (exact locations, addresses, credit cards, etc), revealing or inappropriate photos, things that could be seen as bullying, or anything that they would regret when possible employers look them up when they are applying for a job. Hopefully, by giving the children the freedom of making their own good choices, they should think about what they post. If you have a hunch that they aren’t, have a talk about what is appropriate and what isn’t. If that still doesn’t work, maybe consider taking the passwords for certain accounts or keeping an eye out. Different people respond to responsibility in different ways, but for the most part, having the right to make their own decisions will guide your children to make good choices.  

Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 2.28.23 PM
Screenshot 2016-01-15 at 2.28.23 PM