U2-#8 Jowon Dorbor

  1. What show did you watch in class? We watched Digital Nation.
  2. What was this show about? This show was about the different outcomes of using the internet in different ways.
  3. What is the most memorable thing to you about this show? This most memorable was the websites that kid have access (How To Have a Successful Suicide ).
  4. Why/Why not -  is it important to watch shows like these? It's important because parents need to know how much of an influence the internet can have on their child.
  5. How will you keep your future family safe online? By making them thing of the outcomes of the action they make.
  6. Why is it important to talk with your family about internet safety? It's important because anything can happen from poor usage on the internet.
  7. What advice would you give to parents that don't know how to keep their children safe online? Advice is to have rules. What you should/should not do.