Ud. versus tu

By Teige Dougherty and Anthony Buchanico
When speaking to an older person whom you are formal with, you should use the formal versions of the words. Like Usted also known as Ud. When speaking to someone who is younger you should use the informal words. Like the word tú, instead of Ud.

Old woman talking to Young boy.

Older person: ¡Hola! ¿Cõmo estas?
Young person: Muy bien, gracias. ¿Y Usted?
Older person: Bien, gracias.
Young person: ¿De donde eres?
Older person: Yo soy Fildelfia. ¿Y tú?
Young person: Yo soy México.
Older person: ¡Adiõs!
Young person: ¡Chao!

English Translation:
Older person: Hello! How are you?
Young person: Very good, thank you. What about you?
Older person: Good, thank you
Young person: Where are you from?
Older person: I am from Philadelphia. What about you?
Young person: I am from Mexico.
Older person: Bye
Young person: Bye