Unconditional Love...

What does Unconditional Love mean to you? Unconditional love is love that never stops and regardless of what happens, bad or good you will love this person until death. What if you never saw this person again? How would you feel? 
​Through the interviews I learned that everyone has their own definition of strength and how they feel about how their understanding might change if a love one or a close one dies. Through my interview of myself I spoke about how strength is physical, spiritual and mental and they can change over who that person is. When my grandfather passed away I cried so I thought I wasn't physical strong but I just had to try and remember all the good times. My mother talked about how strength is physical, spiritual and mental and how her life has changed but she feels that my grandfather is in a better place and she remembers how he was her first person she could trust in. When Joe talked about his understanding of strength and how death affects him but it doesn't affect him as much. Not unless he is really close to the person. The crossing boundaries of this podcast is that when love for a person is conflicted with death, your understanding of strength will change because of the Unconditional Love you have for that person! R.I.P. Poppop