Unpacking Pi Episode 1

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Ella Newburger (Student 2022)
Ella Newburger

I like this! I think the title is very creative, and the logo is cool. The discussion you had was very interesting and fun to listen to. I learned a lot about this book in the first episode; I look forward to listening to the next one !

Amaya Lam (Student 2022)
Amaya Lam

I thought you approached the theme of literal vs. figurative really well and it was super interesting to hear about the religious aspects and how is influences his character

Sasha Mannino (Student 2022)
Sasha Mannino

I thought the conversation was really thoughtful, and you delved into the ideas of figurative and literal well. I liked how you all looked into the symbolism of each literal aspect, and the conversations around animals and religion. Good Job!

Daniel Lin (Student 2022)
Daniel Lin

I liked Claire's description of the book's cover, it was something that was unique to your podcast, nobody else really did that and we didn't think of that for our own podcast. Think you might of forgotten to tell the listener whether you would recommend the book, which I would have liked to have heard your opinion!

Riley Chobert (Student 2022)
Riley Chobert

It was easy to understand what you were all talking about because you all understood what he was saying in the book. I also found the religious part very interesting.

Mira Young (Student 2022)
Mira Young

I loved the focus on metaphors in this book, and the point about how Pi might be reminding the reader that humans are animals instead of just using animals for imagery!